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Thank you for visiting my site. It's a place to share my thoughts, insights, essays, videos, artwork, & other doings. I hope you enjoy.

A bit about me. In 2018 I started undergoing what a spiritual awakening. It felt like wells started opening deep inside me. Up came repressed emotions & memories, stored pain, avalanches of confusion, and, admist it all, insights & perspectives quite outside my prior norms.


I'd been pretty staunchly atheist most of my adult life. As you see here, I've become very spiritual very quickly. The spiritual awakening process has tapped my brain into new datastreams & modes of being, which has opened my mind to a greater diversity of perspectives rooted in the fundamental truth of Oneness - that being & experience stem from a single, irreducible source, which is unconditionally loving in its essence, and staggeringly complex in its manifestation.


My spiritual journey continues to unfold, often painfully & difficultly, & with an underlying artistry & profundity that routinely blow me away. I've now experienced enough miraculously personalized synchronicities to know in my heart that the universe is always our teacher & friend, unfailingly nurturing our spiritual development. & I've experienced enough anguish & frustration to realize that embracing that truth into the marrow of my bones is a gradual, fitful process, which requires & builds faith, cell by cell, over many lifetimes I believe. 

In terms of site content, I've tried to organize things in a way that lets you get what you're looking for.


In Services, you'll find information about the three services I provide: Reiki healing, spiritual counseling, & speaking engagements. Reach out via the Contact page if you're interested in learning more. 

In Short Videos, you'll find videos that are into the whole brevity thing. Videos in other sections tend to be on the longer side, going for depth and elaboration. The videos here are shorter, punchier pieces. There are 2-hour videos on this site! They are not in Short Videos. Here I aim for 4 minutes tops. 

In Meditations, you'll find guided meditations which I hope will enhance your meditation practice, or, for meditation rookies, provide an intro to meditation. Meditation may seem daunting or drab, but is really quite the opposite. There's no better way to improve our well-being, on all levels of who we are, than a steady & sincere meditation practice. 

In a Logic Divine, I try to break my belief system into a series of core premises. These premises have been very helpful to me, particularly as I've ventured into the darker zones of my psyche and spiritual wilderness. They attempt to distill fundamental truths, which are ultimately inexpressible, into concise formations. At the ultimate level of truth, words cannot capture; at best, they point, wink, nudge, smile. I hope these words do that for you.

In Practical Teachings, you'll find content geared toward behavior modification. My approach generally is not to target behaviors directly, but instead to address the underlying energetic & spiritual roots driving the behavior. I believe a major reason we incarnate is to discover & untangle knots in our spiritual framework. These teachings aim to do exactly that. 

In Freestyle, you'll find content that emerged as it did, and I'm not sure how (or whether) to characterize it. 

In Philosophy, I lay out the logical & conceptual frameworks undergirding - maybe rationalizing? ad hoc justifiying? - various aspects of my beliefs. It's not academic philosophy really, because I take no shame in hiding & finding my own easter eggs. It's more my attempt to provide an overview and outline of what can otherwise seem like scattered, unconnected beliefs.

In Gallery, you'll see my visual pieces arrayed across a single page. I'm wordy by nature (see below re: 12 Twitter accounts), so the visuals are a nice way to refresh the palette, deconceptualize the teachings, & experience my work in a more direct, unmediated manner. A brief note on what you'll see there. Some are graphics I made in Google Slides. Some I generated using Desmos, a cool graphing site. Some are homages to my favorite poems & poets. Some are photoshopped images that I just like.  

In Blog, you'll find the master list of all the site's written and video content. All posts appearing in the other sections can be found in the Blog. So if you're not sure what you're looking for, the Blog and the Gallery are good places to  browse. 

In Tweets, you'll find links to my 12 Twitter accounts. 12 Twitter accounts?! Yes, 12 Twitter accounts. LucasBFoley is the main account, the most basic and direct. Each other account has its own flavor and style. They even Tweet to each other sometimes. Their playful teasing is my favorite. I use Twitter as my workshop, my dojo, my brain storm. Many of the ideas in my essays and videos started as Tweets I dashed off in line at the grocery store or El Pollo Loco, wherever. It's where my mind's raw materials often find their initial form. 

In Reflections, you'll find essays & videos that muse on a particular topic, theme, bit of writing, artwork - whatever inspiration called to me that day. It's an opportunity to share my sometimes unique insights, which will hopefully help you flex & dynamize your cognition, or maybe just make you go, huh. 

In Web Gems, you'll find various images, videos, & GIFS from around the internet. None of this is my original content. It's stuff I enjoyed discovering and decided to share. I've tried to pick content that in some way resonates with my site's themes - identity, emergence, creation, etc. 

In Recommendations, you'll find suggestions on other content sources & teachers with themes similar to my own. I only include sources I've personally experienced & enjoyed. Check em out. They're each pretty bad ass in their own way. 

Why the Donation Buttons, broseph? I used to work as a lawyer. I left my job to devote myself to this work full time. It's my passion & I thoroughly enjoy it. If you feel inspired to donate, please do! Thank you in advance for our support. You make it possible for me to continue doing this work. 


One last bit on the site's name. My name is Joe Clarke. The name Lucas B. Foley is a penname I started using several years back. I chose it because it uses the last names of my three other grandparents: Lucas, Bradshaw, Foley. It also sounded kinda authorly to me. Once I started down the spiritual path, I realized the name goofily evokes unity consciousness: look, us be fully! If I had to distill my aspiration into four words, those would do just fine.  

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