• lucasbfoley

a case for faith

God's essence is unconditional loving awareness

God's will is reality, which includes genocide, torture, treachery, loathing, madness...

the humility (wisdom) of faith:

all is perfection, i.e. willed by God

heaven, reunion with Oneness, is our destiny - perfection

lifetimes are our journeys, our forays into experience, between our baskings in Oneness - perfection

"why" "how" & "when" of our journeys & our salvations are ultimately beyond our knowing - perfection

our joys & pleasures, our affections, our salvation - perfection

our pains & qualms, our agonies, our suffering - perfection

fearing is coveting pleasure & hating suffering - perfection

loving is accepting the unknowable perfection of what is - perfection

faith is loving fearing - perfection

surrender is loving faith - perfection

the less conditional our loving, the better we emulate God, Oneness - perfection

the better we emulate Oneness, the more heaven comes to life - perfection

suffering is escapable, perfection is not - perfection

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