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Updated: Aug 17, 2021

conjecture, offered earnestly, brazenly perhaps, amalgamating (my amateur memory of) others' claims that felt revelatory to me:

...anxiety & negative speculation, two serial cloggers-hoggers of awareness, which should instead, for remote viewing, be focused calmly & singularly on the open/receptive mental visual field which can access (I believe) data stored nonlocally in a cosmos so interconnected & intertwined it cannot be, from that ultimate perspective, seen as anything other than utter wholeness, oneness, unity. All differentiation occurs at [from] lower dimension[al perspective]s, where consciousness embeds within material[ized] forms and looks back (beholder) upon itself (beheld), knowingly so if enlightened, unthinkingly or disbelievingly so if not.

Observor effects are the result of entanglement (now, maybe a while now, I'm riffing) between the conscious[ly-embedded/instantiated consciousness] form and the beheld. Both existed prior to the beholding, but their relationship was one of possibilities, representable via probability. Prior to beholding, each form (beholder, beheld) is a wave function from the other's perspective. It is the beholding that collapses the beheld's wave function & presents the beholder with the image of a particle, a pixel, a thing.

In remote viewing, we siphon, channel, somehow access higher dimensional data, maybe a higher dimensional signal (refraction? suffusion? graffiti??) (curious to experience the subjective perspective of this, how it actually looks while RVing, what it looks most like) of data that is distant in spacetime but immediately proximate from a higher dimensional perspective.

Meditation, compassionate healing, and other loving practices calm-sedate the 3D monkeymind (is it true? true now? does it how wait does it work? wait what?!) and liberate multDmynd to interpret its native language, the energetic animation/articulation sequence we here in 3D (humans? all who dream?) encounter via the brainprism's continuous projection of forms (waves, which, when beheld, are pixels) onto the enveloping screen of imagination, which we experience subjectively as a sleeping or waking dream, or (buckle up) as reality, as this life we're in, where you're reading this silently from...where, exactly?...

Or...consider assuming the perspective of a conscious cosmic being, akin to a cresting wave (vibrant form) on/in the horizonless ocean of consciousness (the universe) blessed with the ability to realize (remember, & believe) what it ultimately is. Divine surrender is deliberately accepting the beheld infinite self (total environment, atman) as it is (i.e., perfect[ly manifested]), while also accepting its beholding finite self (divine consciousnessness, brahman) as it is (i.e., compulsively imaginging and longing).

Conscious creators (as opposed to unconscious reactors/repeaters) operate within that state of surrender. When fully & enthusiastically engaged, I(T)'s divine flow, which generates sublime joy in the beholder. Conscious creators are static figures in 3D (a single person, or other creature) and wave functions in multD, recognizable by their distinctive patterns (and patterns of patterns), i.e. their style, the ever-emergent expression of an essence.

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