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Alan Watts

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Alan Watts routinely blows my mind. He presents deep spiritual insights in a beautiful and accessible way. I love listening to audio recordings of his teachings, there's a rigor & passion & playfulness that comes through in his voice and speaking style, it takes the teachings to another level for me.

Watts channeled eastern spirituality & philosophy in a lucid & illuminating way. He weaves theory with metaphor with humor with awe with delight. I love listening to his teachings when I'm driving, it has a way of elevating my mind & spirit, helping me experience life more expansively & curiously, with a richer sense for what's real & what's possible. I borrow heavily from Watts in my thinking & my teachings. He straddles the rivers of teaching, entertaining, & embodying. I aspire to have the same profound & lasting effect on others that he's had on me.

"Man suffers only because he takes seriously what the Gods made for fun."

"Muddy water is best cleared by leaving it alone."

"You are an aperture through which the universe is looking at and exploring itself."

"Society is our extended mind and body."

"The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance."

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