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blockchain metaphor for processing negative energy (2:37)

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

I have a recurring sensation of a net or storm cloud of negative energy surrounding my heart, my adam's apple, and other parts of my body. In this brief video I propose that this is akin to a cryptocurrency blockchain: a puzzle of sorts that requires time and attentiveness to be solved. Encounterting this energy, I often feel a desire to drive it away, eliminate it, or solve it right away. Playing with this blockchain metaphor invites a broader framing: the energy net is there for reasons I don't fully understand, and so rather than presuming it's a bad thing and that eliminating it quickly is wise, I can take the humbler, more patient approach of allowing it to process over time. One thing I like about this approach is, it helps avoid the vicious cycle of using negativity (urgency, aversion, etc.) to try and drive away negativity - a pattern so tempting in the heat of the discomfort, and so obviously foolish & silly when considered more fully.

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