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connecting upward: resonance vs. cognition (22:47)

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Sometimes we feel connected to a higher power - e.g. an usually deep feeling of grace or safety, a creativity or intelligence beyond our typical mode. Naturally, we want it to last. We may feel frustrated as we sense the connection flicker, or drop altogether.

Here I describe my experience with this pattern. My sense is that the connection is resonant - we are connected because we are vibrating at a certain frequency. This vibration is akin to a deep intention or attitude. But I often mistake the connection as cognitive, believing my thoughts sustain the connection, when typically they reflect the connection, or at most spark, rather than sustain. This leads to me trying to generate or hoard lofty thoughts. Which tends to create a scarcity vibration that only deepens the connection's breaking. I discuss this experience & provide some tips on how to approach the connection process more skillfully.

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