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edgeless blessing, shifting gift (2:37)

what is being?

eternal, edgeless blessing

what is experience?

featured, shifting gift

what is birth?

the transition from being to experience

what is death?

the transition from experience to being

what is a human life?

alternating between birth & death

what is life?


what is suffering?

clinging to fearful beliefs

what is the path out of suffering?

questioning inner certainties & surrendering into the unpredictable now

what is wisdom?

whatever brings us to the path out of suffering

the path's terrain consists of our intolerances

the path's weather is our current degree of clinging

who are the most trustworthy guides on the path?

uncertainty, honesty, mercy, lightheartedness

who are the trickiest trolls on the path?

urgency, cynicism, vanity, seriousness

where does life come from?

from the nothingness we ultimately are

what is life's purpose?

first to become something, & then to become nothing

we do this again & again

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