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faith: recognizing we've forgotten (2:32)

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

In this video I explore the notion of faith as recognizing we've forgotten. The state of everything always is perfection - "perfection" only begins to begin to describe its quality of unimprovability. Seeing reality clearly, this is apparent. However, seeing reality clearly is something we rarely do. Most times, we're entangled with our ego, which thrives by insisting how things should be better and by resisting any changes to what it considers good, or good enough. If we can train our minds and hearts to recognize everything as perfection, we can momentarily disengage the ego view and reembrace the right view, step one in the Buddha's eightfold path. By making this a habit, we can train our minds and hearts to become increasingly well attuned to the ego channel of content, and to direct this same recognition - perfection - the ego's arising itself. If we believe that the ego is a problem and all will be perfect if we just get rid of it - that's denying the ego's perfection and really just another ego game. If instead we practice an all-encompassing recognition - perfection - and then let that go, we get repeated tastes of right view, which promotes a long term arc toward right viewing. One trap here is to argue - to explain to the ego why it's all perfection, to offer examples, etc. This is just another ego game, a needing-to-be-right and not-wanting-to-be-challenged. Recognize perfection & let it be. Again & again. Like a musician training on her instrument, consistently over months & years, we gradually improve our ability to unconditionally love what is, without ever having to prove we're right.

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