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Fr. Richard Rohr

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Fr. Richard Rohr has been a major inspiration to me the past 11 years. I first started reading him when I was in the hospital battling leukemia. His words pierced some of my hardest armor, nourishing my hardened heart with uplifting messages about unity consciousness, communion with nature, shadow work, and other themes that have proven deeply personal and important to me.

He is an excellent communicator who bridges the gap between religion and mysticism. I'm a confirmed Catholic who hasn't practiced since high school. Fr. Richard helps me connect my spiritual upbringing with my current spiritual approach. He ties biblical themes and Catholic dogma into spiritual, cosmic, and societal contexts, revealing exciting and unexpected connections & synergies. He's a breath of fresh air for Christians who've grown weary of their practice. And he helps non-Christians discover insights and liberation through Christ's teachings. What a blessing he's been for me and so many others.

His website: https://cac.org/

His YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/82ffyEz1YX4

image: https://www.inspiringquotes.us/author/5872-richard-rohr

image: https://m.facebook.com/CenterforActionandContemplation/posts/in-his-book-breathing-under-water-father-richard-rohr-names-the-four-underlying-/3938052449540035/

image: https://philiphowarth.wordpress.com/richard-rohr/

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