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gOd & (i.e., is) us (37:39)

Some of us don't believe there is a gOd at all. I didn't for most of my adult life.

Some of us believe in gOd, and conceive of gOd as a distant creator, like a glowing figure on a cloud, aware of our doings from afar, and abiding serenly distant from the messiness and arbitrariness of human life.

In the past few years, I've started to believe in gOd again. My conception of gOd is...well, that I am gOd. As are you. As are these letters you're reading now, the voice in your head reading them, every butterfly flapping its wings. If you can name it, gOd. If you can experience it, gOd. If you can imagine it, or imagine not imagining it, gOd gOd gOd. The entirety of existence is the dance of gOd, and these perspectives we experience - me here, you there - is gOd playing peek-a-boo mirror games with, you (gOd) guessed it, gOd.

Here I dive into this rather incredible claim. I lay out the belief, explore some implications, and then, for most of the video's 2nd half, I lay out my theory on how gOd creates human experience, i.e., how gOd strategically forgets gOd's godness to generate the experience of being a bidepal primate & believing that's all we, i.e. gOd, are. Until we remember...

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