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Michael Singer

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I loved both of Michael's books. The Untethered Soul is a beautiful account of the spiritual growth process - accessible, insightful, and profoundly impactful. It's a perfect book for someone who's just starting the journey, deep into the journey, or curious what this journey talk is all about. The Surrender Experiment is Michael's memoir, centered around the premise that life proceeds most beneficially when we surrender our preconceptions & pretensions and embrace the flow of what is. I was blown away by the series of miraculous occurrences Michael experienced as he embraced surrender more fully in his life. Money arriving out of no where, small business ideas blooming into massively successful companies, projects coalescing over years and decades in ways impossible to have foreseen.

I think of The Untethered Soul as a map and survival guide for the journey within. I think of The Surrender Experiment as a powerful, evidence-based testament to the wisdom of surrendering. The skeptic will learn more from Surrender, moved (hopefully) by the truly incredible examples Michael shares. The seeker may gain more from Untethered, as it offers a more direct and distilled wisdom for those looking to open their minds & free their hearts.


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