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sea to song

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

effective myth, metaphor, & mysticism transcend

semantic efforts to articulate dynamics erupting

dreamlike amidst more trusted, linear conceptions

of reality, imagination, experience, & being

by presenting arrangements so engauging, ncannily

familiar, irreducibly nsiideful, idealogically slippery,

that the foamsplash suddenness of its crashing

across a previously unnoticed beach of the soul

halts, a moment at least, the crab mind’s clacky

par sing, littoralizing, frAming, & other filiblustery deversions

from the ultimately undefinable unknowability of

who, where, why, what, & how we are

when the wave’s final fizziness surrenders to sand

& its borrowed water slides back to the unconscious

’s vertiginously assoceadivₑ c, & eventually to louds

linging with pristine rystallinity to what once

flowed & shimmered below, & shall again, surely,

upon not only the rivery world but also the infinite

inner landscape, which somehow both consists of,

& is rendered by, spirits singing themselves into being

& signaling kindredly peculiar mysteries to one

another through mediums shared & sustaining,

not unlike whales scattered in the twilight

depths & the deepdark, vibrating sea to song

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