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[ ]ong of misylph (Oct.pus, 20,19)

Updated: Aug 18, 2021


I enjoy life, love, wholeness, & well-being, as mood & luck allow.

I enjoy entertainment, diversion, comfort, & pleasure. They also numb.

I enjoy friendship, romance, sublimity, & surrender.

I enjoy thrill, adventure, quest, & my peckuliar brand of nigkt errancy[1].

I enjoy many other things. Some I’m too afraid or ashamed to admit. Some I deny enjoying, except to my most hidden self. I commit to learning, owning, & contemplating what I enjoy. I pledge to surrender those enjoyments I cannot even privately embrace. I pray for the insight, humility, courage, & patience to do so.

I believe that in coveting, I suffer, in balancing, I find peace, & in harmonizing, I rediscover a liberating fullness of self.


I celebrate fairness, freedom, & opportunity.

I celebrate discipline, civility, & safety.

I believe the latter group (rod) should serve the former & the former group (staff) depends on the latter. I believe that in their balance we are civilized & in their harmony we flourish.


I celebrate individuality, self-sufficiency, peculiarity, & solitude. I want to discover & beecomb my truewest, fOOlest, undupelick8ball sylf.

I celebrate community, cooperation, commonality, & camaraderie.

I believe tolerance is good, respect is even better, pride shared & selfless is divine.


I fear invasion, exploitation, abuse, & indifference to suffering.

I fear vengeance, condemnation, torture, & obsession with suffering.

I celebrate wise, i.e. viciously non-violent, solutions. I pray for the necessary virtues: bravery, creativity, modesty, tenacity, flexability, bottomless tolerance for ¡souprise, & the warrior’s resilience.

I celebrate truth & reconciliation, revelation & catharsis.

I celebrate contrition, forgiveness, healing, & growth. We aren't angels & shouldn't strive to be, but damn if this isn't the closest we get.

I commit to feeling, owning, & questioning my fear. We instinctively hate what we fear & tragically become what we hate. I pray for love to heal my hating & for hate to summon my loving.


I celebrate meditation, contemplation, musing, & deliberation.

I celebrate decision, commitment, action, & assessment.

I celebrate spontaneity & inspiration, patience & perseverance, meandering, solil'oquizzing[2] flights of fancy, the gratuitously silly & bizarre & byzantine & prolicks. I savor the breeziness & occasional magic of “maybe,” "well...," "a-knee-who," and their dichotomy-softening crew.  

I celebrate efficiency & effectiveness. I know, I know: urgency's exhausting, time's a construct, the soul bathes in the unhurried infinite, "time not important only life important." I'm just saying: while pursuing a goal in the economy of time & space, why not consider, conscientiously, opportunities to avoid waste?

I celebrate the wisdom, modesty, & character that only mistakes, failure, & uncertainty bring. I pray for the intelligence & bravery to belive[3] this painful truth.


I have no inherent authority to impose my beliefs or will on others. I behave/believe otherwise. I commit to owning my righteousness, apologizing sincerely[4], & allowing truth to realign my beliefs.

I commit to owning my actions[5]. I commit to not blaming systems or other people for my actions, and to not fetishizing magnanimity[6]. I pray for the self-awareness & candor to do so.  


I accept others won’t agree, won’t care, will know better. We love what we love, fear what we fear, believe what we believe, crave what we crave, don't know what we don't know. I commit to harmonizing pride with humility, conviction with skepticism, earnestness with levity, & urgency with grace.


I, Jocuss B/D Fulle, d'eclair my arrogance[7] is a relentlessly adaptive sneak. I admire, honestly envy, more honestly channel & indulge, its winkingly shameless pyro[]lastic[8] perseverance. For entertainment, escape, viecarryus pleasure, the intoxicating view from Jabba's throne, I watch it mitotically spar[9] itself in my imagination. Laughing at it, then with it, then as it, feels harmonic.


I believe we as a species can do tremendous good. I believe this begins by committing to goals grounded in our finest qualities & values.

I believe we can end starvation & dying of thirst. Why do we allow any member of our human family to suffer such a horrible & preventable fate?

I believe we can provide clean water & sanitation to all who want it. I believe charity is good, sharing is better, empowering is best, inspiring is divine.

I believe we can provide shelter to all who want it.

I believe we can provide clean energy to all who want it.

I believe we can provide quality healthcare to all who want it.

I believe we can provide learning opportunities to all who want them. I believe the freedom to learn is foundational.


I commit to respecting the planet, minimizing environmental harm, & promoting global flourishing. We have the talent to be the gardeners and stewards of our Earth. For convenience, we litter & slowly destroy our home? For fear’s hissing monions[10] urgency & greed we rob & rape[11] our mother?!


I commit to better understanding our world, our universe, and our inner & outer selves. I celebrate our sublime nature as reality contemplating itself.  


I commit to honoring my core commitments, owning it when I don't, reassessing those commitments periodically and as needed, and to remember it’s rarely-->never a bad time to recommit to what’s truest & fullest in me.  


I embrace body, mind, & spirit. I celebrate the diversely beautiful forms they assume. I loathe, with deliberately unrestrainable contempt, shaming or bullying the struggling or different[12]. I pledge to resist bigotry & condescension, especially in my bigoted & condescending self. I pray for the spine[13] to do so.


I recognize the inherent dangers of military alliances, governments, & social structures. They routinely enable violence, corruption, oppression, & stratification. They routinely promote conformity & control over well-being & opportunity. I commit to understanding their nature, recognizing their power, embracing their utility, & questioning their claims to entitlement or superiority.

I recognize the value & danger of leadership. I believe good leaders are honest, humble, resourceful, & brave. I pledge to challenge leaders who put their interests ahead of the community’s. I pledge to resist leaders who promote oppression, hatred, or a rush to violence. I reserve the self-given right to unleash/releash my trollyest, rolly-pollyest, Scarlitly Rhett-oracle self-arrrgh!me on despots active & aspirational[14], ideally not suicidally[15]. I believe leadership carries extraordinary responsibility & potential. I pray for extraordinary leaders.  


Whatever does/doesn’t lie beyond the grave can wait. I commit to being my most soulful self in this life. I commit to embracing my renounced selves in the deepd'ark'ness where I hide them. The I who restores the flightless to his flock is the same I who originally snatched, clipped, caged, & covered them[16]. We flatter ourselves it's rescue when it's really redemption.


I wish well-being for all. Yes, even them. Them most especially. What I demonize in others I gag in myself. Healing always begins within, & usually "not with a bang but a whimper." My unsolicited advice, no matter how effortfully tailored for another, is invariably a raw emotional plea from and to myself. Re-member, REM ember, remember. Bee, bee, be. LUV, l'of, love.  

[1] My heroic urge dies hard. My messainic urge proclaims, from its meadowy greenscreen mount, that it will never die. My aging chimp coughs his guffaw.

[2] Liz Lemon i role / Bille Eyelush "duh"

[3] e

[4] sin seerly? awww then techly? ex-awe stingly?

[5] self-plug:

[6] I make no warranties about rabbidly fOmy hortytory & irre[   ]ent stage-whispered prayers.

[7] pre-tension, con seat, hot e Ness[e]

[8] My obsessively self-educated/self-tickculling guess is that my arrogance disowns anything it considers intra or inter personally unworthy. When confronted with provocation, e.g. my wryding, its molten protest erupts. The pyroglassdick e[]ections, cooling as they whistle through skies wide and w i  d    e      n         i           n             g, assume whatever darling form necessary to avoid rejection & a clawing descent to oblivion.

[9] fell ∞

[10] o boi

[11] (Turn back if you aren't in the mood for thirstily sacreligious self-obsessed clowning.) Here I imagine a serpent-shaded impbud¡ha! aka my sumptuous asstral silhouette doing undeniable-yeti-mperceptible yoga in front of the Grand Canyon in its grandest canyonyness or, nonokno, and, beneath - O, impOssibly, wethin! - the Milky Way's eruptively beckoning gash. Imagined so, this energy raises my cockewhittle chin & wags my profeignly say "crud tongue!" as though he might perform Colonel Angus on lounging Vishnu. Informed by Google that Vishnu is actually male, the eyes-wide-shut tongueswagger calmly gestures to roll him over. Amidst all this sylf inbuldgent glitterberish, the polaroid of myself as a pale, crusty-lipped, angsty sortabonobo slips silently from the refrigerator door. No matter how practiced my arrogance - i.e. my arrogant impulse, genetically inherited, shaped by time, incorporated & reshaped by social & personal identities ever-emergent, greatingly self-explanetary - becomes at inner photoshopping, I recognize my shadowstyle in its output: my monkeeing for, and chugging of, seaslustly addOring approvalove, my neeedy menicing provocations, my jabby pre-sump chew us, Ness, my spelunky Russian dolling, my oversh[]aring & [   ]er bonzaing, my an-tiq slippere: scram,bulls to []ncloak micelves inkode.

[12] Hi Pot, I'm Kettle. I whistle sc[]ldingly with ha-ha-hAt for mewus & how we sc[]ld others who have the courage & self-love to express & embrace those aspects of themselves that we in-timidingle strange'l in the deepissed shadows of our sOls.

[13] hut-spa!

[14] hears "lOOk n' @ chew, Drumpf!"

[15] Where I live, free speech is *knock on wood* government protected and normatively honored, so I take very little physical risk *extra knock, for good measure* in chucking my offal w[]rds at the podium. Others lack that freedom, for no good reason. You may be thinking "if only you did too," and I'll chuckle, but then I'll pierce you with my i seest i & implore you to protect & promote freedom of thinking, expression, & selfhood, because without them, people and societies suffer tremendously & unnecessarily, and by "people" i mean *tap tap* you.  

[16] Plug baby plug: Is that "I" Original Sin?

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