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poker from divine perspectives (4:10)

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

From a divine perspective, all is co-created. If I do something to you, or vice-versa, even if one of is rightly called the victim or villain here on earth, those labels lose their adhesiveness as we transcend to the spirit level, because at that level, the "victim" is creating the experience of being victimized, for a larger purpose mysterious even to the spirit.

Why should person 1 feel guilt about what they did to person 2 when person 2 co-created the experience?!

A wiser earthly response is contrition. Guilt is telling negative stories about ourselves based on our behavior. It's self-absorption masked as self-punishment. It's foolish and buries our hearts in confusion. Contrition is feeling sincerely remorseful for having hurt another. Contrition allows us to recognize, learn from, and apologize for what we've done, allowing for deep healing in the heart. It's a mode of healing and individual and interpersonal growth. We can have contrition here on earth for the harm we cause on earth. And when guilt comes knocking, looking for its chance to disturb our peace, we can remind ourselves of the silliness of guilt from a divine perspective, and hopefully avoid the fruitless guilt trip.

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