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right view: no view + view evolution in time (39:43)

Updated: Oct 12, 2021



Step One in the Buddha's Eightfold Path is right view: having the right truth, mindset, outlook.

Zen Buddhists espouse the wisdom of having no view: holding no thoughts or viewpoints as true. Zen koans aim to generate this state in the mind by using a puzzling or paradoxical notion to suspend analysis & leave our minds in a free floating state unbound by preconceptions.

So is no view the right view?

Here I argue, yes & no.

Yes, ultimately the right view is no view.

No, we can't shortcut stepwise progress in time by adopting no view as our view. Any such shortcuts just lead us back to where we started.

I describe a sort of middle way that utilizes the power of no view to facilitate the stepwise progression of our knowledge. The structure is a stepladder of triangles that gradually progress from confusion toward clarity.

part 1/2

part 2/2

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