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roboticism & relationship (27:32)

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

In all relationships, romantic & otherwise, we notice we sometimes slip into robotic, reflexive, reactive ways of being. Flat tones. Lazy or predictable responses. Passive-aggressiveness. Where is that bright, attentive receptive & resourceful energy we had in the honeymoon phase? If we externalize the situation, blaming the other or the relationship, we indulge delusion & miss an opportunity to grow. If instead we recognize roboticism as a sign we're overdue for self-healing, we can give ourselves a beautiful gift, & return to the relationship refreshed & reinvigorated. This is one of the many blessings our loved ones & loving relationships provide: a mirror in which we can recognize opportunities to reconnect with ourselves, & thereby reengage more lovingly with others. The hard part is overcoming the ego's push to constantly blame & externalize so nothing's ever our fault. With steady, gentle discipline, we can cultivate the healthier habit of recognize-reconnect-reengage.

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