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s'more harmOnized hOney

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Lie-Fan Death, like



[in the, oo ,] forever, or

until oned eyes, or both

somehow attain their

symb[i]o[t](l)ic 𝑒quivelent

of [hi,] I'm Mor(t), Al, Edie.

Don't crack all the combs

for them. Save s'more

harmOnized hOney for

love&fear, peace['s

O piezza!] n' stryvying,

& the being dreaming/

underneath I(T)owel.


Litter ally, dry your y s

for lif and ath's p rp t-

ch wall cod𝑒 pen'danc𝑒;

rotAt your hAd[𝑒s]

rOughly 18O degr[ ]

[first wr te, then l ft];

howel your sacredesperate whenever

the dreamer appears overhead

as both sides & the mo0on;

& wellcomb the [s]unseen source

lighting the dreamer's pha𝑐e

across the ( of vacuumed night

into imagination, where it joins

other performancers fueled

& dramatically lit by the molten

Ra-Ness pumping spirit Foley

from a none seen sOrce[rer]

O'parading animal[s] from within.

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