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spirit, soul, being, heart, world (39:12)

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Here I describe the interplay between spirit, soul, being, heart, & world. I start by contextualizing them within the larger framework of gOd & Oneness. I then track how the datastream from gOd ultimately manifests as an immersive physical experience, a human life. I characterize the soul as a crystal orb allowing the spirit to see out into the physical world & the being to see back toward its origin in Oneness - outsight & insight. I characterize the heart as the aperture through which the physical world emerges & data from that world moves upstream toward source. Along the way I talk about how different spirits collaborate in creation of the world, & I map Buddha's enlightenment as a journey of insight that took his awareness all the way to emptiness, the non-physical pure potential from/in which all creation emerges.

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