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the eternal flame of yes (2:04)

let go of expectations


let go of excuses


let go of expectations

how will I know them?

they have fabulous salespeople & ruthless lawyers

how do I let go?

feel receptively

feel what?

this breath

this heartbeat

these bodily sensations

like a campfire: yes is flame, existence is wood, sensation is oxygen, mental absorption is pouring sand

this yes acknowledges sensation occuring; it's not the yes of approval or agreement, but of recognition

a yes that says: I feel...I feel...I feel...

a friendly smile on your face, kind warmth in your heart, are this yes alive in you

we believe responsibility means living up to expectations

what if our only power, our only response-ability, is igniting this yes in our hearts?

what if this flame is our deepest essence?

what if this yes is the truest expression of who & what we are?

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