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the lagoon of disbelief (1:25:08)

Updated: Nov 13

This video is more meandering & tangential than usual. Which is saying something lol. THC played a role.

I started by teeing up two metaphors for the spiritual growth process - archeology and sculpting. I figured I'd shoot a 10-15 minute video on that. (I later recorded that more focused video, which you can find under the title "the archeologist & the sculptor".)

I then proceeded through a variety of topics and, perhaps more interestingly, through a series of perspectives. During this filming I sensed my consciousness shifting between different modes - the conditioned mode I've operated from most of my life, a de-conditioned "higher self" mode that's started coming online the past few years (this is the mode from which I usually teach), and occasionally a unity consciousness perspective that embraces the oneness and perfection of all.

As I shifted between modes, my consciousness sometimes slid into a dark liminal state, kind of like a dark and floorless waiting room. When you notice me pausing for long periods, looking like I'm regathering myself, I'm in that liminal state, usually waiting for an emotional storm to pass, and/or for my thoughts to recoalesce.

I share this video for at least two purposes.

One is for the content. What started as a metaphoric foray into the spiritual growth process morphed into (what I think is) a wide ranging (and, admittedly, at times, patchy and cryptic) exploration of the human condition and my human condition in particular. I don't think I can summarize it more faithfully than that.

Another benefit of the video is a documentation of my state of being. I'm going through what, from in the inside at least, is a radical transformation - physically, emotionally, cognitively. That's typically reflected in my content. Here, more than in most of my videos, it's reflected in my affect as well. I believe humanity generally is going through a radical transformation like my own, each of us in our own time and at our own pace. I believe much of the foment and upheaval we see in the world is symptomatic of that, a collective outer smoke from our growing inner fires. I think we'll be healthier as individuals and as a society if we understand what's going on, if we can relate to each other's struggling, and if we can recognize aspects of our struggling in the other, especially when the other is our opponent or enemy in some arena of life. I invite you to view this video in that light.

"For Paul, love is the realm for perfect seeing. When we’re in love, in agape, we are able to 'see' correctly. When we’re reading reality correctly, we will love, we will know how to love, and we will be in love. We will not have a judgmental, negative, or critical stance. We’ll see what’s really happening. From some place we do not completely understand comes this capacity to forgive, to embrace, to compassionately understand, to let go, and to hand over my small self to the Big Self that we call God, or our Higher Power."

- Richard Rohr Meditation: Participating in Love http://email.cac.org/t/d-3EC2E063D9A8E3C72540EF23F30FEDED


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