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the tortoise & the hare - was it a race? (3:47)

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Here I put a twist on the classic fable of the tortoise and the hare, asking - what if it was only the hare who saw the situation as a race?

The hare defined success relative to the tortoise - as long as I finish ahead of him, I win! This proved to be the hare's downfall. The hare kept looking back and getting complacent, which led to him not meeting his goal of finishing first.

What if the tortoise defined success in absolute terms, or perhaps didn't even adopt a framing of success and failure. What if the tortoise was just doing his thing - one step at a time. The tortoise didn't ride the hare's emotional rollercoaster, and didn't fall into the hare's hurry-wait-hurry cycle, because the tortoise approached the path not as a contest or even a challenge, but as simply a path to be walked, one step at a time. No need to race the hare, or the clock, or ambition. Just walk. Just do your thing. Without trying to win, he did.

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