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thought subscriptions & falsehoods (1:25)

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

My experience is that the mind works, in part, on a subscription model: we consciously or unconsciously train our mind to feed us certain streams of information - e.g. streams about self-optimization, about our reputation/status, about what we imagine others are saying/thinking about us - believing we need these feeds to stay on top of things. The downside being, when we recognize these streams are feeding us untrustworthy information, or downright falsehoods, we feel torn, and often we choose to remain subscribed - really, addicted - to the data stream, even though it's misleading us, because we're convinced that we'd be even worse off without the precious information the stream provides. Meditation and recognition are powerful tools for noticing which streams we're subscribing to, recognizing the falsehoods among the information, and gradually tending to the garden of our mind, pruning out those streams that prove more misleading than they are beneficial.

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