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typically we think of now becoming then, next becoming now

in this meditation, play with a different notion

next being an imagining now

then being an imagining now

we anticipate. when? now

we recall. when? now

now being less of a chunk on the conveyer belt of experience, & more of a simultaneous experiencing & awareness thereof

experience like a river, awareness like a stone at its bottom, a dragonfly above its surface, an eagle far above that, a cloud far above that

we are entirety. utter panorama, utterly panoramic.

being mammals, we focus on river, cloud, stone, fish, remembered whitewater, imagined drought we burrow into aspects & bounce between them, like light entering & exploring the withinness of an elaborately faceted jewel

perhaps our minds, bodies, environments, & experience of space-time, are the dream of this light in its bouncing, & the world is the dream we all share, & imagination is a dream all our own, until we share it, too

perhaps not

breathing is now

feeling body is now

perceiving environment is now

what isn't now?

what - when? where? - is then?

awareness, be our hearts, drumming time, pumping blood, rivering love, right here, right now

experience, be our spirit, dynamically motionless, engagingly infinite, right everywhere, right forever

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