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vice & virtue

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

viciousness is fear flowing within & between us

virtuousness is love flowing within & between us

morality is codification of virtue & vice


humility is accepting your vicious & virtuous acts

virtuousness & humility is the dance of well-being

viciousness & conceit is the dance of selfhood

virtuousness & viciousness is the dance of the soul


heaven is being virtuous

hell is being vicious

life is obliviousness to virtue & vice


we travel between life, hell, and heaven, sometimes in the blink of an eye

mirth, compassion, absurdity, & sublimity are canteens we travelers pass around our nightfires

they help us bond, learn, heal, & rest

they help us enjoy our travels

they help us discover the joys, hopes, & wonders of those we meet along the way

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