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what is now (3:58)

We tend to think of now as a fleeting moment between the arriving future and the receding past. A darting humingbird of time that we may glimpse briefly, but we can never really stay with, never truly engage.

In this video, I invite you to reframe your notion of now. Recognize that now is all there ever has been, all there ever will be. It's our mind that chunks this unbroken now into a series of distinct thens - the past, the future, alternate nows, the space of daydreams, etc.

Ask yourself - isn't all this mental activity, no more how engrossing or far-reaching, occuring now?

And when you're absorbed in the time-bending mind, aren't you missing out on the unfolding reality of now?

Now is not static. It's the ever-emerging sequence of forms unfolding in our view. It's not a still shot. It's a breaking wave, a moving painting.

We never lose it. But we do lose touch with it, connection with it. The good news is, you can always reconnect. Feel this breath in your nostrils. That's the real now. Flow from there.

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