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when we weaponize being right, we're wrong (18:29)

I have an unfortunate habit of buying into my righteousness and then lording it over others. I see this same trend playing out in society, particularly when it comes to divisive political & social issues. We believe we're right, they're wrong, the issue at hand is important, & so we're justified in condescending, ridiculing, berating, etc. It's an addicting pattern, because we get high on our righteousness and our swelling sense of superiority & importance. The damage inflicted, both to others and ourselves, is hard to fully appreciate in the moment. Blind to the pattern, we can spend our entire lives stuck in this destructive cycle.

Here I map this pattern onto the paradigms of scarcity and abundance. I trace how the scarcity paradigm masks itself as efficiency and necessity, perniciously hooking us into the destructive pattern and then coiling around us like a snake. I contrast that with the abundance paradigm, which our egos dismiss as naive or dangerous or otherwise untenable, but which our hearts recognize as the wiser approach. The more we recognize the scarcity paradigm in action, & then choose the abundance approach instead, we can break our addictive pattern & have authentic, heart-to-heart interactions.

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